Team Williams Gets New Endorsement - July 15, 2019 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Thanks to you, we met our June 30th fundraising goal in raising 25% of what we need to fund the campaign. We are now busy with the campaign collecting signatures for nomination papers, and we're starting to need more help with our campaign. Below are some updates from the campaign trail: 

Nomination Papers
Two weeks ago, we collected our nomination papers from the Cambridge Election Commission, which means that we have only two more weeks to get to fifty signatures from registered Cambridge voters. Please help spread the word in your network, and email or call (617)395-7680 if you'd like to give your signature.

Endorsed by the MA Women's Political Caucus!

I am thrilled to announce that I have been endorsed by the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus! I am the only new political candidate in the Cambridge City Council race to be endorsed. This is great news as I have been a long time advocate and supporter of women's rights and causes and will continue to do so as a City Councillor.

Policy Corner: Renters Can't Wait

Image from Bay State Banner website.

Welcome to the new "Policy Corner" section of our newsletter, where we'll be discussing issues that are important to the race. 

A recent study has shown that Massachusetts rents are the 3rd most expensive in the country (Bay State Banner), while the minimum wage is not nearly enough to support these rents. It has been more than 25 years since rent control has ended in Cambridge, and yet Cambridge still does not have a tenant protection policy in place to protect renters from "no fault" evictions and displacement through condo conversions. Why is that?

We are spending so much time on the Affordable Housing Overlay, while our residents face escalating rents and are being displaced, especially middle income and African American residents. What about our 68% of renters in Cambridge? Don't they matter?  

Taking into consideration the rents of recent housing developments in Central Square at $6,600 for a 2 BR apartment, it is unattainable for low, moderate and middle income residents to live here. We need to think about housing policies that are people focused and not developer focused. Perhaps we can look at rent stabilization incentives for landlords, that reward good landlords for maintaining reasonable rents for their tenants.

Stay tuned for future policy corners with information and my thoughts about what we can do to make Cambridge a better city. 

Welcome to #TeamWilliams! 
#TeamWilliams just keeps getting bigger! Meet Jessica from New Jersey and Vanessa from California. Both are high school students working through the Discovery Internships program. They've been helping us out a lot with communications work and canvassing. Welcome to the team, Jessica and Vanessa!

Canvass with Us!
We'd love to have you join us in canvassing for my campaign! Don't worry if you have little or no experience with canvassing - we provide trainings and offer support.

This week, our canvassing events include:
Wednesday, 17th: 5:30pm at 144A Mount Auburn St., Cambridge
Friday, July 19th: 6pm at 144A Mount Auburn St.
Saturday, July 20th: 10 am AND 2pm at 144A Mount Auburn St.
Sunday, July 21st: 2pm at 144A Mount Auburn St.

Please email if you are interested in canvassing. We appreciate your support!

Support & Fundraising

Great news! We have officially met our fundraising goals for the June 30th quarter. This is all directly thanks to individual supporters, as I do not accept donations from developers, corporate PACs, or special interest groups. This, however, means that we need your continued help in fighting for a Cambridge for all.

Donate by sending a check made payable to The Williams Committee to 144A Mount Auburn Street, Suite E, Cambridge, MA, 02138. If you prefer to donate online, you can visit our ActBlue so we can keep moving forward together. For anyone who'd like to volunteer, you can sign up at my site or email us at

Please spread the word about our campaign, and tell your friends, family, and more to vote #1 for #TeamWilliams!

Let's make Cambridge a city for all!

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