About Nicola.


About Me

I am an entrepreneur, activist, localvore, environmentalist, and a passionate gardener who has lived in Cambridge for most of my life.

As a Jamaican immigrant, I see my passion for cultural diversity reflected all over this city. My mission, as a social entrepreneur and founder of The Williams Agency, is to support sustainable food, culture, environmental causes, small business development, and the arts. My company’s core values reflect my own commitment to community: we are sustainable, diverse, local, and green. The Williams Agency is a certified Sustainable Business Leader from the Sustainable Network of Massachusetts, offering marketing, communications, and strategic planning services to local businesses because I believe in the power of our local community.

A life-long community activist and organizer, I have established and developed some of Boston’s premier food and cultural events, including the Boston Local Food Festival, Boston JerkFest and the Local Food Trade Show. I am proud to organize the annual Cambridge Carnival International, alongside a committee of dedicated volunteers. I currently serve on the board of directors of three Cambridge non-profit organizations including Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, and Community Art Center and Harvard Square Neighborhood Association. I was recognized as a 2015 Cambridge Food Hero for my work with sustainable food. Prior to The Williams Agency, I was a consultant for Cambridge Business Development, a non-profit agency whose mission was to assist businesses through start-up, development, and growth.

Here are some of my accomplishments and experiences that I will bring to the Cambridge City Council:

  • Launched my own business, The Williams Agency, in 1995 with the goal of promoting progressive issues and social causes as well as organizing movements involving health advocacy, sustainable food and culture. One example is the annual Boston Local Food Festival that promotes healthy local food for all and attracts more than 55,000 people

  • Created jobs by hiring dozens of women and youth; and trained and mentored hundreds of aspiring businesses through my economic development work with the City of Cambridge and UMASS Boston Small Business Development Center

  • Engaged the community by serving as a board member offering fundraising and organizing for Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts; the Community Art Center; and Cambridge Carnival International Committee

  • Advocated for sound environmental policies that protect our tree canopy and meet our climate action goals for Cambridge, including launching the City of Cambridge's first and award-winning alternative to driving campaign: EXPRESS Yourself: Cambridge.

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“Cambridge has always been known as a city of neighborhoods, where everyone knows each other and small business owners support each other”

— Nicola Williams


I am a member of the Fish Locally Collaborative organized by Northwest America Marine Alliance as well as the Vermont Farm to Plate Network. I am proud to hold a B.A. in Economics from Wells College, a historical women’s college in New York, and have completed graduate credits at Harvard University. I am blessed to have a loving partner Thomas with three beautiful step daughters and five adorable grandchildren. I am a sister to four siblings who live and work in Cambridge and Watertown, and I am the daughter of two loving Jamaican parents: Cecile Williams and Noel Ivanhoe Williams Jr.